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Plan efficient meetings

Learn how to increase the show-up rate to your meetings and make them productive, engaging and fun.

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Learn the key principles that help meetings succeed

Reasons why meetings fail

Suggestions how to make your meetings more fun

What makes a good meeting stand out

What needs to be planned for a meeting depending on its type

How to deal with conflict

How to increase the show-up rate for your meetings

White Structure
  • Everybody has a need to run a meeting every once in a while. Some people are natural talents in facilitating others, some need a bit of structure and method to make the meeting efficient.

  • This course will step by step show you what constitutes a good well-prepared meeting, how it is different from a failed one, and how to prepare one yourself. We will talk about the reasons why meetings fail, and strategies to avoid it. We'll explore the anatomy of a face-to-face session, learn about different meetings types and prepare checklists to make our meetings better.

  • This course will not make you a professional facilitator, but it will give you enough confidence to prepare for your next big meeting.

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