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Business Data Analytics

Learn how to apply analysis skills on data projects and prepare for an IIBA®-CBDA certification

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We live in an amazing world of data.
Learn how to structure the data analysis process with you analytical skills.

In-depth overview of a Guide to Business Data Analytics


7.5 hours of video lessons

Introduction to business data analytics and scientific method in business

Articles & Case studies

14 PDUs/CDUs


Sample IIBA-CBDA exam 

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Get a glimpse of what is inside the box

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More than a thousand of students worldwide have watched this course! It is because it covers:

  • What is business data analytics and how it differs from other data related disciplines, like data science or business analysis

  • How to define research questions for your analytics initiative

  • How to organise data collection process

  • What to take into account when performing analysis

  • How to interpret the results of analysis and communicate them to decision makers

  • How to ensure real actions happen as the result of your analysis

  • What to consider when scaling analytics capability

Get an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider certificate of completion

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