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Business Agility

The Beginner's guide

Gain agile skills to build a career as a scrum master, agile coach or a consultant. Thrive in a modern agile enterprise!

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Learn what Agility is about and what is involved in building an Agile enterprise

Foundations of Agile and Business Agility

4 hours of video lessons

Introduction to SCRUM

Articles & Exercises


Sample SCRUM Master exam

Get a glimpse of what is inside the box

Course preview

White Structure

One of the best rated agile course on Udemy. Here is why:

  • Understand the anatomy of an agile business

  • Understand how to structure an agile team to deliver an individual project or initiative

  • Become familiar with the concepts of Scrum (probably the most popular framework for running agile projects)

  • Understand what is involved in scaling agile to the whole enterprise

  • Become ready to work in an agile environment as a practitioner or start a consulting journey

  • Try your knowledge against a sample set of Scrum Master certification exam questions.

Get an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider certificate of completion

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