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Business analysis & Agile training

An Endorsed Education Provider™ by IIBA®, we deliver industry leading, down-to-earth training for business analysts and project delivery professionals.


"Very helpful in preparation for IIBA certifications, enriching, helping to understand BABOK methodology. Additionally gives 21 PDU's - I really feel that thanks to this course I honestly grew by 21 PDU or more :)"

Joanna L.
"Full Business Analysis" student

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Information Technology Essentials:
for business analysts and project managers

An introductory book on all aspects of Information Technology that an aspiring business analyst or project manager should know. A primer.

Available in paperback and eBook editions.

Our Services

Our Training Courses on Coursera

These courses are created in partnership with Starweaver and are offered via Coursera education platform.

Advanced level, 35+ hours to complete

Our most in-depth course to learn all the specifics of business analysis and prepare for the popular Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) exam

35 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

Beginner level, 1 week to complete

A crash course on stakeholder management.


Identify stakeholders, evaluate their roles and determine their communication and support requirements. Help the stakeholders navigate change.

Beginner level, 4 hours

Harness the transformative power of automation in today's business environment. This course provides with comprehensive understanding of automation concepts, tools, and strategies. By examining real-world examples, participants will gain actionable insights to drive efficiency and innovation within their organizations.

Beginner level, 1 week to complete

An introductory course on business analysis. 

A quick yet comprehensive course explaining the foundations of business analysis, types of requirements, quality and change management.

Beginner level, 1 week to complete

An introduction to business process modelling - all you need to know to get from identifying to process to having it properly documented and visualised.

Key elements of a process, technique to scope a process, most popular modelling notations.

Intermediate level, 21+ hours to complete

Learn how to perform business analysis on any project and prepare for the Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) exam

Under review for: 21 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

Beginner level, 21+ hours to complete

Learn the foundations of business analysis and prepare for Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) exam

Under review for: 21 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

Our Training Courses on Udemy

The courses are delivered via Udemy, an online training platform that offers a bunch of benefits including mobile-friendly format, subtitles, tech support and money-back guarantee.

(CBDA® Exam preparation)

Introduction to Business Data Analytics, which will teach you how to apply business analysis skills on data heavy projects involving a degree of research and data-driven decision making.


Designed to prepare for Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA®) by IIBA®.

14 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

(CCBA® Exam preparation)

Introductory course mostly following the structure of the BABOK® Guide. A great way to learn the ropes of the profession and to prepare for introductory or intermediate level IIBA® exam.

21 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

(IIBA®-AAC Exam preparation)

A course that will show the connections between Agile product development and Business analysis and will help prepare for Agile Analysis Certification by IIBA®.

11 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

A crash course in personal productivity when it comes to preparing for and running facilitated events, such as meetings, workshops, presentations.

This course will help you make your board a bit cleaner, configure useful filter and reports, and more importantly impress your team mates and managers with your Jira skills.

12 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

(A beginner's guide into business agility and agile)

A course for anyone interested in learning the foundations of building an agile business. 

Explains agile on an individual team's level as well as scaled agile and agile culture.

Helps prepare for scrum master exam or to take on a role in an agile context.

8 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

Fundamentals of IT to start a career in Information Technology project management or business analysis.

10 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

Learn advanced business analysis concepts and techniques and get prepared for CBAP® certification.

35 PDUs/CDUs with IIBA®

Numbers we are proud of

Why us?

Analyst's corner is an Endorsed Education Provider™ by IIBA®, which means the materials and references to IIBA® and its publications used in our training are licensed for us to do so. By enrolling in this training you support legal use of intellectual property and contribute to the development of the business analysis profession.

It is a guaranteed way to earn CDUs/PDUs online

All courses will give you a defined number of development units (contact hours) that you can use towards your certification or recertification with IIBA®.

Down to earth training with little buzz

Backed with many years of industry experience, we don't teach just theory from the books or buzzwords. We explain how the content of the major publications can be applied to real life, what is the meaning behind complex and cumbersome definitions, and what to pay attention to.

Our prices will surprise you ;)

All our courses are delivered using Udemy teaching platform. It applies dynamic pricing to ensure you get the best deal for your region. Just click on the link next to the course that you'd like to explore and start learning.

Our blog

We run a community blog on medium that is devoted to the topics of business analysis and enterprise architecture. You can read hundreds of articles by your fellow practitioners and contribute with your own write ups. 

Ready to start?

Our promise is simple - you will become a better professional after finishing our training.

Select a course and start learning.

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